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    Milagros, based on traditional Latin American talismans, are sacred heart charms that remind us a miracle can fit in the palm of your hand. Throughout Latin America and the American Southwest, Milagros are offered at sacred sites as requests for divine assistance and as thanks for blessings received. They are very decorative and meaningful, tell someone you love them by giving them your "heart". Modern-day Milagros may be carried in a pocket for protection, kept in the office for success, placed in the car to avoid accidents, or on an altar to call in the divine. Use Milagros whenever you need a little magic in your life.
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    Tin milagro heart tied around a kraft paper card with 10 various sayings. Back of card reads "Please take this Milagro, also known as a little miracle or offering, and put it in your home or carry it with you.  The heart Milagro represents love, healing, and gratitude. May you always have these blessings in abundance."
    you'll never know dear, how much I love you, Milagro heart card.
    Milagro Heart Card
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