FAQ (and some other questions not frequently asked)

How do you pronounce "confía" / what does it mean? 

CONE - FEE - YA (kɑnfajə)

Confía comes from the Spanish verb confiar: to trust or to believe in.  Our viewpoint and bliss factor goes up the minute we begin to trust that we have what we need, that the universe has our back, and that everything is always working out for us.

Why is Collective in your name?

We believe in the power of a collective energy. Going about it alone or thinking we know everything actually closes us off.  Our frequencies are amplified with the love, wisdom, faith, and glory of others.  We are all on a journey and trusting in others to help us on our path opens doors to new worlds.  We provide a space where all are welcome to share and explore. 


How do I become part of the Collective?

You are already a part of Confía Collective, just by being here!  Welcome, we are excited to meet you! 

Do you have something to sell that you think would be a good fit? We wanna know about it

Are you a practitioner offering alternative healing modalities? We will have new, private, deluxe, healing rental spaces just for you when we open our flagship location in Denver on South Pearl Street, let’s connect!


Do you sell gift cards online?

We do sell gift cards online! These gift cards are redeemable online and in-store and make gift giving easy.

Do you have a store?

YEs, after many hours of manifesting, we are so proud to say WE DO!  You ca find us at 1549 South Pearl Street in Denver!  We believe spirit to be joyous, fun, and full of life so expect dancing music, disco balls, and plenty of products to light up your soul!  You will also find workshops (think breathwork, vision boards, aura photography, solstice parties, etc) and practitioners who are here to help you reach your soul's purpose, aligning body, mind, and spirit.


Can you cancel my order?

Short answer: We can try! Long answer: As long as your order hasn’t been fulfilled or packed up, we should be able to cancel it. We are a small local business and so cancelling may not be as easy as some larger stores. Please contact us to see if your order is eligible for cancellation. 


I saw a product on social media but I can't find it on your site

Hmmmm. Visit our homepage and look for the search bar at the top. We have a fancy search function that (we hope) will help you find what you're looking for.

Also, we only offer a curated collection of our goods online. Some items we have collected on our travels so quantities are limited. Keep checking in as we are always refreshing our stock. 

Is your website secure? 

Yep! On any page where we ask you to enter your address, phone number, or credit card information, we use a secure socket layer (SSL) to encrypt the communication. Still unsure? Look for the lock icon before our web address in your internet browser search bar.


What if I am not religious? Or what if I have my own God?

We see you. Sometimes people are afraid to look into spirituality for fear of it being dark or witch-like or against their religion. Instead, we view spirituality as an overwhelming feeling of love. We are not walking in judgment.  On the contrary, we believe in being kind and compassionate while we are here in this life, experiencing love. The journey to find Spirit, Universe, Light, Divine, or even God – it is all the same thing; it is all love and it's all inside of you and surrounding you.


Why should I visit Confia Collective?

Every person is a curious seeker, but sometimes it can feel unobtainable, scary, or unknown. Confía Collective can help shift that mindset to try something new. Step inside ConfÍa if you want more from your life. If you desire connection and community. This is the place to explore your intuition. We all have our own will, but only you can change it. The first step is asking for guidance from within, stepping inside, and trusting.


What makes Confía Collective different from other stores, and how do you think you can make a difference? 

It is different from previous ventures but holds the same creative power. We can make a difference by providing a place to show up with curiosity, compassion, kindness, and joy. We stand apart from other metaphysical stores in that we are very inclusive to beginners. Confía Collective allows people to find themselves in our welcoming environment. We are committed to diversifying our overall employee pool to reflect the diversity of our customer base. And as collaborators, we know we can't do it alone. Our network of partners must embrace a commitment to diversity and representation as well. 


Why do you sell so many different products than what I've seen in other metaphysical stores?

When buying products we ask ourselves does this help someone to:

further their journey

step inside

create a feeling of inspiration, love, kindness, hope

shine brighter

make them smile

feel open to the journey

Then, we double check with our trusty pendulum to make sure these products are aligned with our mission. We are here to provide a fun, fresh, new take so that exploring feels easy, inclusive, and accessible.