Confía was created to provide fresh, fun, accessible spiritual tools for new adventurers and seekers like you. Begin your journey and step inside your intuition.
Flower Zodiac Sticker Card Set
Cancer Holographic Sticker
All things glittery and shiny and rainbow-y are celebrated with these zodiac holographic stickers.
Zodiac Holographic Sticker
Zodiac Trinket Dish
Zodiac Book
Cancer Zodiac Necklace
Zodiac Crystal Cluster Necklace
In her first book You Were Born For This, Chani shows how your birth chart -- a snapshot of the sky at the moment you took your first breath -- reveals your unique talents, challenges, and opportunities.
You Were Born For This Book
Zodiac Candle
Explore the romantic and sensual sides of the zodiac signs with this modern compatibility guidebook by Annabel Gat with illustrations by Jess Rotter.
The Astrology of Love & Sex Book
Zodiac Tarot Deck
Celebrate all that sentimental Cancer is: sensitive, loyal, and tenacious.  Our high quality custom zodiac poster, created just for Confia Collective, makes a thoughtful gift.
Cancer Zodiac Poster

Tarot & Oracle Cards

Start a new ritual with our fresh and unique cards. Let Spirit guide you on the unknown journey ahead.

About Confía Collective

We foster an environment of curiosity, kindness, compassion, and joy and invite you to discover the woo universe with us.

We are modern mystical seekers here to walk with you and guide you on your spiritual journey.

 We honor where things have originated, follow traditions, and respect those who have walked before us. 

Herbal Tokes
Crystal Earrings
Magical Crystals
Palo Santo Bundle
Pop Prayer Candle
Flower Zodiac Sticker Card Set
Herbal Ritual Tokes
Zodiac Trinket Dish