Tiger Eye Crystal Polished Piece

Tiger Eye Crystal Polished Piece

Tiger Eye Crystal Polished Piece

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Perfect for an altar, meditation, or your pocket these Tiger Eye polished pieces remind you to be courageous and fearless. 

“Go Forth and Be Fierce”
Strength • Motivation • Courage
Chakras: sacral + solar plexus


Tiger eye is an opaque lustrous stone with alternating brown and gold bands that reflect light in a “cat’s eye” optical effect.

Inspires you to be fearless in the pursuit of whatever sets your soul on fire.

Brings to light your unique talents and abilities, it unleashing a creative ambition to set out and start living your dream.

Harnesses the courage to act now, by taking criticism as a loving lesson and dissolving feelings of shame and disappointment.

Empowers you to stand your ground when the going gets tough by transforming fear into strength.

Unites the body and mind and stabilizes your emotional state by harmonizing the center of life force in the body.

• Each piece is approximately 3/4"- 1/12"

Please note: Each crystal carries unique characteristics including but not limited to color, shape, weight, and size. We intuitively select the crystal meant for you.

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